Small technology makes a big impact.
We dream of realizing such potential and keep striving for it.
Discrete Devices
To meet a variety of customer needs, we dedicate ourselves to developing discrete devices including High-voltage, High-current transistors, MOS-FETs, and Analog ICs.
Power Modules
We bring together our expertise in circuit technology and packaging technology to design and develop semiconductor devices including Custom power units, Gate drivers, and DC/DC converters.
We operate globally.
Our network for production, sales, and distribution allows us to communicate closely with each other so that we can speedily meet the demands of our customers worldwide.


What's New NEW
Developed gate driver unit possible parallel drive of 1700V, 1200A class HVIGBT module. It is easy to use due to the unit with built-in isolated gate power supply and short circuit protection function.
Isolation strength of 6000Vrms, 1 minute, output gate peak current of 40A (max). It is suitable for 1700V class LV100 package of Mitsubishi HVIGBT modules.
Started accepting sample orders. (Type name: VLB516-01R)
What's New
The gate drive unit for 1200V/800A, 1700V/300A class Mitsubishi 2nd generation SiC-MOSFET modules is under development.
Built-in short-circuit protection circuit for RTC circuit enables to drive new SiC-MOSFET modules safely.
We will start accepting sample requests in October 2021. (Type name: VLB512-01R)
What's New
NPN transistor with a pull-up resistor (MFT Lite).
Best suited for using in a switch circuit or logic inversion circuit due to a built-in pull-up resistor (0.5kホゥ) in addition to the base resistor and the base-emitter resistor! Maximum voltage of 50V, collector current of 50mA.
Started accepting sample orders. (Type name: RT8N001M)


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