Small technology makes a big impact.
We dream of realizing such potential and keep striving for it.
Discrete Devices
To meet a variety of customer needs, we dedicate ourselves to developing discrete devices including High-voltage, High-current transistors, MOS-FETs, and Analog ICs.
Power Modules
We bring together our expertise in circuit technology and packaging technology to design and develop semiconductor devices including Custom power units, Gate drivers, and DC/DC converters.
We operate globally.
Our network for production, sales, and distribution allows us to communicate closely with each other so that we can speedily meet the demands of our customers worldwide.


News Release NEW
Coronavirus Pneumonia Situation
Isahaya Electronics expresses its deepest sympathies to all those affected by pneumonia caused by new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) and extends its very sincerest wishes for their speedy recovery.
The following is the status of the operation of our Chinese factory following the outbreak of the coronavirus China as of today.
縲晋ith regard to China plant Operation縲
Operation has started on February 15 (Sat). However, some employees are still on standby mode due to the government's guideline.
We take sufficient precautionary measures to ensure the health of our employees to prevent infection.
We are working towards having 100% staff attendance by mid-March and running full operations by end of March.
縲色uture handling縲
We will inform you of updates depending on how the situation develops.
What's New
Best suited for using in a circuit of inductance load driving, with a Zener diode between drain and source!
Nch, VDSS: 100V, ID=1.8A, Ron: 200mホゥ (typical), 4V driving type, Package: SOT-89
Started mass production shipping. (Type name: INK021ABP1)


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