General Purpose MFT

number:11 / 11

Type name status Datasheet Spice parameter Isahaya Package JEITA Package JEDEC Package AEC correspondence Function Application Remarks
RT8H012C pdf SC-74 Reseting For resetting power supply
RT8H034C pdf SC-74 LED driver For LED driver, as a mean of energy saving
RT8H042C pdf SC-74 Power supply switching For switching battery and AC power supply
RT8H044K pdf SOP14 Earth Leakage Detector For high-speed type earth leakage breakers
RT8H052C pdf SC-74 Comparator for three-shunt For three-shunt controling of motors
RT8H062E pdf TMSOP8 Watchdog timer For watchdog outside the microcomputers
RT8H065C pdf SC-74 Latching For protecting power supply IC from overcurrent or overvoltage
RT8H072E pdf TMSOP8 IGBT gate block For IGBT gate blocking
RT8H102C pdf SC-74 IGBT pre-driver Built-in UVLO For pre-drive of IGBT gate (Built-in UVLO)
RT8H151C pdf SC-74 Window comparator For determine if a signal is between two reference voltages.
RT8H255C pdf SC-74 IGBT pre-driver For pre-drive of IGBT gate
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